dinsdag 8 september 2015

NASA confused the moon with the sun in photos posted to Twitter


Oh, NASA. That is not a picture of the sun from the International Space Station

That’s a picture of the moon.

On Tuesday, NASA’s official Twitter account, which boasts 12.1 million followers, posted a photo taken by NASA astronaut and current year-long Space Station resident Scott Kelly claiming that the sun and Earth can both be seen in the image


What’s our new cover pic? The sun & Earth, as seen by @StationCDRKelly from the @Space_Station. Enjoy! #YearInSpace http://pic.twitter.com/mjhq9qYVzf

— NASA (@NASA) September 8, 2015

However, some intrepid space fans on Twitter, including this reporter, pointed out that the bright shining object in the photo is not the sun, but is, in fact, the moon Read more…

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